Ali Pahlavan

Singer / Music Producer / Founder of The Arian band


Ali Pahlavan's NAAB reached the final stage of International Songwriting Competition 2018

Voting is closed - Awaiting results

All finalists' songs have now been sent to the ISC celebrity judges who will select the winners. 

All finalists are also included in the People's Voice, People's Voice is separate from, and in addition to, the winners selected by ISC's judges. 

Ali Pahlavan (Singles)

پخش آهنگ ای جاویدان ایران گروه آریان پس از دوازده سال در مسابقات جام جهانی

After 12 years, The ARIAN Band's song "Ey Jaavidan Iran" was played before Iran - Morocco match in World Cup 2018 - Russia.

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